Modding Synology


Synopass – private password cloud on your own Synology box.

Introducing Synopass, the personal password storage solution for Synology NAS. With web client and Android client currently available. Develop by me in spare time.

Tested on DSBlog
DS213+Re-index Media Files
All DSEnd of modding journey
DS213+usage series 40 - Avoid Deep Packet Inspection for OpenVPN with Stunnel
DS213+usage series 39 - Mirroring optware repository
DS213+usage series 38 - Restore after upgrade DSM from 4.3 to 5.0
DS213+usage series 37 - Setup Time Machine for MacBook Pro Retina 13″
DS213+usage series 36 - Run your own firefox sync server
DS207+usage series 35 - Organizing photo by date, the automatical way
DS207+usage series 34 - FreeRadius Accounting for OpenVPN with MySQL and daloRadius
DS207+usage series 33 - Install MOTP and integrate with FreeRadius
DS207+/DS213+usage series 32 - Setup Wifi WPA2 Enterprise with Freeradius+Openldap/Client Certificate
DS207+usage series 31 - Capturing Tomato Router Logs using syslog-ng
DS207+usage series 30 - Integrate Squid with Freeradius
DS207+/DS213+usage series 29 – Restricting WordPress accessible by home dynamic ip only
DS207+/DS213+usage series 28 - Mirroring wordpress from webhost to synology box – the automatic way
DS207+usage series 27 - Automatic Proxy Configuration for browser within network
DS207+ usage series 26 - Install MailStation
DS207+usage series 25 - Upgrade DSM from 2.2 to 3.1
DS207+/DS213+usage series 24 - Adding free and valid SSL certificate to diskstation with
DS207+usage series 23 – Compile kernel modules for firmware 2.2-0944
DS207+/DS213+usage series 22 - Putting it all together - OpenVPN+FreeRadius+OpenLDAP
DS207+/DS213+ usage series 21 - Install FreeRadius Server and integrate with OpenLDAP Server
DS101j/DS207+/DS213+ usage series 20 - Using your own domain name with Synology NAS
DS101j/DS207+/DS213+usage series 19 - Setup name server with bind
DS101j/DS207+/DS213j/DS213+usage series 18 - Install sudo to secure the Diskstation
DS101j/DS207+usage series 17 - Install WebDav with Lighttpd
DS101j/DS207+usage series 16 - Install WordPress on Diskstation
DS101j/DS207+/DS213+usage series 15 - Send me email alert ONLY when external IP is changed
DS101jusage series 14 - Setup Postfix SMTP server with gmail relay
DS101j/DS207+usage series 13 - Send me my public IP address to my gmail account
DS101j/DS207+usage series 12 - Send email alert when someone login to Unix shell
DS101j/DS207+/DS213+usage series 11 - Setup nail to send email from CLI (using gmail smtp)
DS101j/DS207+usage series 10 - Truncate and backup Openvpn log file
DS101j/DS207+/DS213+usage series 9 - Setup OpenLDAP
DS101j/DS207+usage series 8 - Add more terminal logins to your diskstation
DS101j/DS207+/DS213j/DS213+usage series 7 - Setup OpenVPN server (Routed mode) on DS207+ with dual authentication and Windows/DS101j/TomatoVPN OpenVPN Client
DS207+usage series 6 - Securing Squid and Socks5 connection over SSH, using Bitvise Tunnelier
DS101j/DS207+/DS213+/DS213jusage series 5 - Automatically SSH login to DS207+ without password using putty
DS101j/DS207+usage series 4 - Setup Socks 5 Proxy with nylon
DS207+/DS213+usage series 3 - Setup Squid HTTP Proxy Server
DS207+usage series 2 - FTP to your box from external network
DS101j/DS207+/DS213+usage series 1 - SSH tunneling using putty and Bitvise Tunnelier
DS213+usage series 0a - Bootstrapping DS213+
DS213jusage series 0b - Bootstrapping DS213j
DS207+usage series 0 - Installing DiskStation and Bootstrapping DS207+
 Other Topic
DS207+Tips / FAQ
DS207+RAID or not to RAID for home user?

Tested Platform

DS213+ firmware version DSM 4.3-3810
ipkg source

DS213j firmware version DSM 4.3-3810
ipkg source

DS207+ firmware version DSM 2.1-0844/DSM 2.2/DSM 3.1-1613
ipkg source

DS101j firmware version DSM 2.0-0731
ipkg source

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