Synology usage series 2 – FTP to your box from external network

Many user reported that they have problems access their file through FTP from external network. So here is my procedures to get that done.
Below is my configuration:

– DS207+, firmware version: DSM 2.1-0839
– Linksys Broadband Router
– FileZilla version

The procedures should working for all other model as well.

Configure DS207+

1. Login to DS207+ web admin console
2. Network Service > FTP >

Synology FTP setup screen

Synology FTP setup screen

2.1 Port number setting of FTP service: any port other than 21, e.g. 5555
2.2 Enable FTP service
2.3 Port range of Passive FTP: Use the default port range (55536-55663)

Synology FTP connection setting screen

Synology FTP connection setting screen

2.4 Disable Anonymous FTP
2.5 Allow SSL/TLS connection only
2.6 Enable IP Auto Block
2.7 Feel free to modify the other setting

The setting above also try to avoid those automated FTP robots which attempted to login to your box.

Configure Linksys Broadband

From Application Gaming Menu, forward all the ftp port to the DS207+

Linksys WRT54G setup port forwarding for FTP

Linksys WRT54G setup port forwarding for FTP

For Active Port – Your FTP Port (e.g. 5555) , Protocol TCP
For Passive Port – 55536-56559 , Protocol TCP

For some reason, sometimes I experienced connection issues if I follow the same NAS passive port setting (55536-55663) in the router setup. Once I enlarge the range from 55663 to 56559 in the router setup, the connection issues is fixed.

Update: Jan 22, 2010

For firmware 2.2 user, a firewall rule is required for external access of the ftp server.

Network Services > Firewall > Click ‘Create’ button

Ports > Check ‘Custom’ radio button > Click ‘Custom’ button

Synology: Adding a new firewall rule with custom port

To add a new custom port:

Ports: Type: Destination Port
Protocol: TCP
Ports: 5555

Synology: Adding new firewall rule for FTP : Port 5555 : TCP

Synology: Adding new firewall rule for FTP : Port 5555 : TCP

Source IP: ALL (or any other permitted IP address)

DiskStation: Firewall: Assign 'ALL' for source IP

Action : Access : Allow

DiskStation: Firewall: Allow an firewall rule

Repeat the steps above for the range of the passive ports

Synology: Adding new firewall rule for FTP : Port 55536-56559 : TCP

Synology: Adding new firewall rule for FTP : Port 55536-56559 : TCP

Configure FileZilla

Host: Your 207+ external IP or domain name (DDNS works as well)
Port: Your FTP port, e.g. 5555
Servertype: FTPES – FTP over explicit TLS/SSL
Logontype: Normal
User: your ftp user name
Password: your ftp password

Leave the rest as default.

FileZilla setup for DiskStation

FileZilla setup for DiskStation

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  1. Thank you! Following your steps has finally made it possible for me to use FTP on my Synology DS209+. I’d been trying for ages and had given up on it, until I found your site while researching RADIUS and VPN solutions for Synology. Turns out it was the firewall rules that did the trick, that was what was missing from my previous attempts. Thanks again!

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