Synology usage series 5 – Automatically SSH login to DS207+ without password using putty

III. Setup Putty

We need to generate the private key that putty could understand.

Run the puttygen.exe, click the Conversions > Import key from file menu, select the private key that previously downloaded (id_rsa). If you have assigned passphrase before, it will asks for the passphrase as well.

Make sure ‘SSH-2 RSA’ is selected.

Click the ‘Save private key’ button and save the putty private key. For example, save it as private.ppk.

Convert Unix SSH Key to Putty formatted key

Convert Unix SSH Key to Putty formatted key

Now create the batch file called ssh.bat and input the command line as below:

putty -P <SSH Port> -i <putty private key file> -ssh <ssh username>@<your DS 207+ ssh server ip or host name>

For example

putty -P 22 -i private.ppk -ssh <user home>

IV. Run putty

Now run putty, just execute the ssh.bat.

If passphrase is assigned before, input your passphrase, otherwise, you will be automatically login 😉

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