Synology usage series 13 – Send me my public IP address to my gmail account

This article is depreciated. Please refer to usage series 15 for better solution.

Thank you dyndns for keep deleting/banning my free ddns account for whatever reason.

I decided to have both of my NAS telling me their pubic IP address. And so I written the script below and have crontab execute the script twice per day.

Here is the simple script


wget -qO – | 
/opt/bin/nail -s "My IP Address" [your email address]


Thank you!

Say goodbye to all those Not-really-free DDNS service.

I’m glad I owned a Synology NAS.

UPDATE Aug 4, 2009

The disadvantage for this solution is that you will receive email alert even your public IP is remains unchanged. Another script is written to detect and send email alert only when public IP is changed.

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