Synology usage series 20 – Using your own domain name with

Step 4 – Setup dynamic DNS account –

To setup, firstly we need to add our domain name to their system, then add a subdomain for our diskstation.

  1. Login using your new account
  2. Click ‘Domain’ from the main menu The Main Menu The Main Menu

    The domain page will be shown.

  3. Click ‘Add a domain‘ hyperlink from the domain page
  4. Input your domain name, select ‘Private’ from the Shared State, and then click the Submit button. Add a domain name Add a domain name

  5. Click ‘Domain’ from main menu again, your domain name should now shown in the domain page
  6. Click ‘Sub Domain’ from main menu
  7. Click ‘Add’ hyperlink
  8. To add a subdomain, input as below:

    Type: ‘A’
    Subdomain: input the host name of your nas, for example, ‘nas’ , ‘www’ or whatever your preferred
    Domain: Select your own domain name you previously added
    Destination: Input your I.P. address for now, your IP address will be update once we installed the DNS client later. If you are not sure, go to to get your current IP address. Add a sub domain Add a sub domain

  9. Click ‘Save‘ button

Grab the unique code of the subdomain.

In, an unique code will assigned to every type ‘A’ domain record created in the system. Such unique code is used for dynamic DNS update. To update your ip address with any type ‘A’ domain or sub domain using DNS client, all you need is to provide the unique code.

To figure out the unique code of the type ‘A’ subdomain we just added, click ‘Dynamic DNS‘ from main menu.

A list of type ‘A’ records will be shown in a table. A hyperlink ‘Direct URL’ next to the each record contains the unique code for dynamic ip udpate.

To grab the unique code, simply copy the hyperlink of the ‘Direct URL’, then paste it to the browser or notepad, the hyperlink will be shown as

Text highlighted in red is the unique code we need for the ddns script we need later.

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    • It’s working on my 207+ and 101j. Double verify your setup, even a single little typo can break things. Or you may want to try other ddns client which you find on the

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