Synology usage series 20 – Using your own domain name with

Addition – Setup Google Apps for your domain name

Besides accessing our NAS with our own domain name, we can also apply Google Apps for our domain name.

First, submit your application to google using the URL below

Once your application is approved, then all you need is to create the following DNS entries with your DNS provider ( setup for google apps

To add both MX and CNAME records in, simply add ‘Sub domains’ for each entry. also treat CNAME and MX records as ‘subdomain’.

For adding MX entries:

Sub domain settingTypeSubdomainDomainDestination
MX Entry #1MX<blank>
MX Entry
MX Entry
MX Entry
MX Entry

For adding CNAME entries:

Google Service \ Subdomain settingTypeSubdomainDomainDestination
Google Documentdocs
Google Sitessites
Google Calendarcalendar
Google Start Pagestart

After adding the correct CNAME and MX entries to your domain DNS record, you can uses the google apps services with your own domain name:


Before you can use the url to access your very own google services, you must login to google apps as administrator and then change the URL of each services in the control panel:

  1. Login google apps for your domain as administrator
  2. Click ‘Manage this domain’ from top navigation bar
  3. Click ‘Service Setting’ from the top navigation bar, then select the service you wish to change the URL, i.e. Email
  4. From the ‘Web address’ section, click the ‘Change URL’ hyperlink
  5. Click ‘Custom’ option and input your desire subdomain for the service, i.e. mail for email service. The subdomain here must match the dns entries that you created above! Otherwise it won’t work.

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    • It’s working on my 207+ and 101j. Double verify your setup, even a single little typo can break things. Or you may want to try other ddns client which you find on the

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