Synology usage series 20 – Using your own domain name with


Q1: I made changes to the DNS record, but my PC keep getting the old IP for the record.

A. Either your browser, PC or the name server that your are using is caching the DNS record. Firstly, you can either refresh the DNS cache from your PC or just reboot your PC.

Browser do caching DNS record, to flush the DNS cache from your browser, restart your browser, or install some DNS cache management plugin.

To flush the DNS cache on your windows PC, use the dos command below

ipconfig /flushdns
net stop dnscache
net start dnscache

If above not working, most likely the name server(s) that your internet provider is caching the entry. You might either want to wait until it flush itself or change to use other name server like

Q2: I’ve subscribed a web hosting account from, how to configure the DNS so that user can browse the web from rather than browsing my NAS? But I still want to be able to access my NAS using

Simply create/update the following DNS entries for your domain:

Entry 1

Record Type: A
Domain name:
Record Value: <I.P. address of your>

Entry 2

Record Type: CNAME
Domain name:
Record Value: <>

If you not sure about the record value, consult your web hosting support team.

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    • It’s working on my 207+ and 101j. Double verify your setup, even a single little typo can break things. Or you may want to try other ddns client which you find on the

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