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This article record all the issues that I encountered during the day-to-day usage, and of course, including the solution.

Firmware 2.2

  1. Q: Cannot find diskstation in network neighbourhood after upgraded to firmware 2.2.

    A: This is a bug of firmware 2.2. Root cause is that the firewall is blocking one of the samba port (which is supposed to be handled by the predefined CIFS firewall rule, but sadly, the CIFS firewall rule does not included every single port used by CIFS).

    Solution 1: Just turn off the firewall of diskstation, if you don’t need it.

    Solution 2: Add an additional firewall rule as below

    Port: Custom Port

    Type: Source Port
    Protocol: UDP
    Ports: 138

    Source IP: Subnet

    IP Address:

    Action: Access (Allow)

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