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OK, here is the things I compiled for my Diskstation. Usually you are encouraged to compile your own modules instead of using mine. They works for me but not necessary yours. You MUST compile your own if you are using different NAS model or different firmware version. I’m not responsible for the download below for any kind of damage directly or indirectly due to the use of the files below. If you download the files, you are supposed to accept and agree to take your own risk for using the files below.

My articles should included all the compile instruction.

DS207+2.2-0944/0959MV5281tun.koTun driver
DS207+2.2-0944/0959MV5281cifs.koCIFS kernel module
DS207+2.2-0944/0959MV5281smbfs.koSMBFS kernel module
DS207+2.1+MV5281openvpn-auth-passwd.soOpenVPN Auth-Password plugin v1.1 (native compile)
DS207+2.1+MV5281openvpn-auth-passwd.soOpenVPN Auth-Password plugin v1.1 (cross compile)
DS207+2.1+MV5281radiusplugin.soOpenVPN Radius Plugin 2.0c (native compile)
DS207+2.1+MV5281openvpn-auth-pam.soOpenVPN PAM plugin(cross compile)

Password for decompression

To decompress the zip files above, the password is

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