Synology usage series 0 – Installing DiskStation and Bootstrapping DS207+

This article records all my steps to install disk station with new hard disk and procedures of bootstrapping the box.

Installing Disk Station

My hard disk is WD2003FYYS-02W0B.
Firware: DSM 3.1-1613 (claimed to be the last firmware available for 207 model.)

  1. Downlod Synology Assistant and latest firmware 3.1-1613 from
  2. Install Synology Assistant on PC
  3. Insert the new hard disk to Diskstation and power on
  4. Connect the DiskStation to the PC directly using LAN cable, not via router
  5. Change the IP address of the PC to, subnet mask
  6. Run Synology Assistant to install the firmware to the new drive. Select DSM_DS207+_1613.pat from firmware option.
  7. Once setup completed, the DSM can be accessed by web browser using URL below:

    username: admin
    password: [empty]

    (noted: I’m not sure if Syno Assistant assigned the same IP to the diskstation for every setup. It might be changed for your case.)

  8. Setup the new hard disk from Storage Manager.

    Storage Manager > Volume

    Click ‘Create’ button to create a new volume.

Boostrapping the box

  1. Make sure the DS is connected to internet.
  2. Telnet to DS and login as root. Password is same as admin. If telnet cannot connected to the DS, try turn off the firewall first.
  3. Change directory to any smb share, for example, the public share

    # cd /volume1/public

  4. Download the bootstrap script as below

    # wget

  5. Start bootstrapping

    # sh syno-x07-bootstrap_1.2-7_arm.xsh

  6. Add the following line to ipkg.conf, BEFORE the line ‘DEST root /’.

    src packages


    ipkg will NOT work if the line above is placed after ‘DEST root /’

  7. Update ipkg list

    # ipkg update

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