Synology usage series 37 – Setup Time Machine for MacBook Pro Retina 13″

Been trying to setup Time Machine to backup my new MacBook Pro but never success. Been followed couple blog articles but still no luck. Finally figure out some essential steps were all missing from those articles.

NAS DS213+ DSM 4.3-3827
MacBook Pro Retina 13″ OS X Version 10.9.2

NAS Setup

  1. Login to DSM as administrator
  2. In the group of File Sharing and Privileges, click User.
  3. Click Create user to create a new user account used for time machine backup only.

    Click Next button to continue.

  4. For the Join Groups wizard, select users group.

    Click Next button to continue.

  5. For Assign Privileges – Shared Folder wizard, skip it and click Next button to continue.
  6. For User quota setting wizard, select the volume and then click the Enable quota checkbox. In the textbox of Quota, assign the maximum storage to be assigned for Time Machine backup.

    Click Next button to continue.

  7. For the Assign privileges – applications wizard, because the new user account is used for backup only, simply uncheck all checkbox then click Next button to continue.

  8. For the User Speed Limit Setting wizard, decide if you want to apply limit for the macbook pro backup account, or simply accept the default value.

    Click Next button to continue.

  9. For the Confirm settings wizard, review the settings and then click Apply button to create new user account.
  10. Back to Control Panel, in the group of File Sharing and Privileges, click Shared Folder.
  11. Create a new shared folder specific for Time Machine, click OK button to continue.

  12. In Edit Shared Folder dialog, click Privileges Setup tab, select the MacBook Pro user account that just created used to login the Time Machine shared folder. Assign Read/Write permission for the account.

    Click OK button to confirm.

  13. Back to Control Panel, click Win/Mac/NFS
  14. Click Mac File Service tab
  15. Click Enable Mac File Service checkbox
  16. In the row of Time Machine, select the share we just created. Click Enable Bonjour Printer Broadcast checkbox.

    Click Apply button.

  17. Click Firewall and QoS icon.
  18. In Allow/Deny tab, click Create button.
  19. For Ports, click the radio button of Select from a list of built-in applications.

    Click Select button. Click the checkbox of the following item:

    • Share files with Mac
    • Windows file server
    • Mac/Linux file server

    Click OK button to close the dialog.

    For Source IP, click Single Host, input the IP address of the MacBook Pro in IP address textbox.

    For Action, click Allow.

    Click OK button to confirm.

  20. Click Save button to save the firewall changes.

MacBook Pro Setup

  1. Launch Finder. Click Go from top menu, then click Connect to Server….

  2. From Server Address textbox, input afp:// (replace i.p. address to your NAS i.p. address). Click Connect button.

    Wait until connection success.

  3. Once connection success, select the Time Machine shared folder then click OK button.

  4. Important!! Make sure the Time Machine SMB Share is connected successfully with afp before continue!.
  5. From System Preferences, click Time Machine.

  6. Click the lock in the left bottom to unlock the setting. Then click the switch to open Time Machine. Click Select Disk… button to continue.

  7. If the shared folder is mounted using afp, the folder will appear in the popup window. Select the shared folder then click Use Disk button.

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