Synology usage series 38 – Restore after upgrade DSM from 4.3 to 5.0

I don’t want to upgrade. But I need to fix the synopass server package issue on DSM 5.

Things just broken for every upgrade.

1. SSH

SSH config ware restored for every DSM upgrade.

To restore things, edit the ssh config again at /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Then restart sshd. Telnet to DS and login as root.

# synoservicectl –reload sshd

(note: the old /etc/init.d/*.sh no longer existed on DSM5.)

2. Optware

Optware was broken, again, NOOOOO

TO restore optware:

Edit /root/.profile, add the path /opt/bin and /opt/sbin back to the PATH variable



I did google about this, and post on Synology forum told to backup and delete the whole /volume1/@optware directory and then bootstrap again. Don’t do that. Just add back the path and things just work. Well, at least for my DS213+.

If you did read my blog you know how many things I installed on the DS, reconfigure them could took me month. No thanks.

3. Synopass

It survived. Thanks god. Still running after DSM upgrade.

4. OpenVPN

Previously I setup nobody to run the openvpn daemon. After upgraded to DSM 5 the daemon no longer works.

After investigating the logs the nobody user do not have privileges to execute the linux route command.

To fix this, comment the lines below in openvpn.conf

#user nobody
#group nobody

5. Virtual Host

All virtual host record lost in DSM. Need to add them back manually in DSM.

6. Custom Rsync backup server

I previously forced to turn on my DS as custom rsync server for backward compatibility with the old DS207+.

After upgraded to DSM 5 the option is turned off. Need to turn on manually again.

Backup & Replication > Backup Services > Network Backup Destination > Use customized rsync configuration

Not sure if any other things were broken, just keep this post update.

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