Synology usage series 39 – Mirroring optware repository

Hm… Just a few steps to mirror the optware that my NASes using.

Why mirroring the repository? Hmm.. Just in case the site brought down, I’ll still have the repository here for my NASes. Optware site had been down for awhile before, even though it is restored, but who know when it will down again? Disk space is cheap now anyway.

  1. SSH to diskstation.
  2. In case you don’t have bash yet, install it

    # ipkg install bash

  3. # vi /opt/usr/local/bin/
    Edit the path you want to run the script.
  4. # chmod +x /opt/usr/local/bin/
  5. Copy and paste the lines below to

    # update the path where you want to store a copy of optware repository
    cd /volume1/software/optware
    # update the optware repository URL that you gonna mirror
    /opt/bin/wget --mirror --no-parent

  6. Login DSM and create a new task to execute this scripts periodically.

  7. Since optware feed rarely update, try not to ping the repository frequently and introduce unnecessary traffic to optware webserver. They are providing free service for the community. Please behave. A monthly task should more than enough.

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