End of modding journey

I decided I am ending my modding on Synology NAS.

The story is that, after I upgraded recent DSM firmware 5.2 from 5.1, everything on my NAS gone.

I realized that NAS should only be NAS. I’ve spent months re-install everything here after every crash.

I’m tired. It should only be file storage only. Don’t bother with anything else.

I’ve spent month again restore everything on firmware 5.2 including these mod. But I turn all mod down and leave it as backup.

I’ve spent another week setup all these mod on raspberry pi. And it works well. The good thing is that, just in case the pi is died, I can just purchase another one, plug the sdcard back to the new pi, and everything working again. Can NAS do that? NO.

Pi is great for running these home networking services.

I now have firewall, openvpn, freeradius, openldap, stunnel, squid proxy running on my pi. And leave those on NAS as backup.

Before I’m using a raspberry pi, I got myself a HP N54L Gen7 and hopefully it can host my network services well. It don’t, however. It constantly overheat and shut itself down.

Pi is not hot at all even embedded in a enclosure. And it is now summer. (mostly around 34’C in house here… )

Pi is a good replacement for me.

No more modding on NAS. My little advise.

Those articles are still useful however, in case someone want to setup on their own NAS. I’m reading them and reinstall them every couple months on my NAS since 2008. Till now.

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  1. Hi Ray,

    Do you plan to continue your work on Synopass? A very useful tool that have potential.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.


    • Not mean to stop it but really getting busy in real life. Also my Nexus 5 died. Don’t want to develop with my old Nexus 4. Will gather some comments that I received once I received my Nexus 5X from Google coming week. Let me know in case you have some suggestion or bug report. Hopefully I can release some enhancement/bug fixing before Xmas.

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